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Challenge Begins On November 12th:
  • MAKE SPACE to write
  • GET CLEAR on WHY you’re writing
  • KNOW WHERE your time is going so you can put it towards what matters
  • SET GOALS for your writing
  • MANIFEST success
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What Your Pen Pals Are Saying...
”I’m feeling clear-headed, relaxed and mentally prepared … I look forward to getting back into this practice. Thank you, Alison.”
-Ashlee, Daily Journaler and Adventurer

“Doing the 5 Days of Focus created in me a routine in which l check in with myself more regularly in a way I had not before. It was like doing a retreat but in a way in where I could still be active in my everyday life. I especially loved my ‘Prior-Rights’; this I go back to continuously and find ways in which I’ve changed and expanded. Thank you Alison!!”

-Bree, Mother and Spiritual Healer

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